Kent Bazemore tries not to get caught up in Lakers drama


MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Welcome to the Lakers. Enjoy the crossfire.

Newcomers Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks went all of six days before the latest Lakers drama unfolded, indirectly bringing them into the battle of words between Pau Gasol and Lakers Coach Mike D'Antoni.

Bazemore’s take since being traded to the Lakers? Whoa.

“It’s been a long season, especially for them,” he said. “They’ve been probably doing this all year. I don’t get caught up in that stuff. I just show up and work hard.”

Gasol wanted better ball movement after Bazemore and Brooks combined to make 12 of 29 shots Tuesday in a 118-98 loss to Indiana. But D'Antoni likes the young kids acquired from Golden State last week for veteran guard Steve Blake.

BOX SCORE: Memphis Grizzlies 108, Lakers 103


“The two news guys coming in, they’ve had half a practice with us, so obviously we’ve got to teach them and get them to buy into the system and understand what we want,” D'Antoni said. “They are playing very hard and they’re giving everything they’ve got, especially defense.”

Bazemore was less aggressive Wednesday in the Lakers’ 108-103 loss to Memphis. He took only nine shots (and scored 14 points) after launching 19 shots against Indiana.

“I’m learning,” Bazemore said. “Pau’s paid his dues. Out of respect, I’m going to try that route, go through Pau and just learn how to play off him. Next season I’m going to have to learn to play like that. I’m probably not going to be ‘the guy’ next year so just learn how to play different.”

D'Antoni went out of his way to pump up Bazemore.

“I think he’s so active on defense and he’s got a chance to be a really good player,” D'Antoni said. “He needs to be able to fit in a little bit better, and that will come with film sessions and talking to him in practice. I think he’s got a bright future.”

Kaman seeing specialist

Chris Kaman did not play Wednesday because of a sore back and planned to consult with a doctor Thursday.

“It doesn’t feel right. Something just feels a little off,” Kaman said. “I was feeling it [Tuesday] and took some drugs — some legal drugs — to try to fix it up.”

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