Notable games for Lakers in 2013-14

Notable games for Lakers in 2013-14
No one knows for sure when Kobe Bryant will be back on the court for the Lakers. (Kevin Lee / Getty Images)


vs. Clippers

It's a Clippers town! It's a Clippers town! Wait. They swept the 2012-13 season series with the Lakers but have never advanced past the second round? Still, a good early appetizer.

Nov. 7 at Houston


Too bad Kobe Bryant won't be ready for this one. He'd try to hang 60 on Dwight Howard's new team.


Dec. 13 at Oklahoma City

Here's the Lakers' last six trips to OKC: 17-point loss, six-point loss, 16-point loss, two-point loss, 29-point loss, 15-point loss. That's a lot of losing.

Dec. 25 vs.Miami

As long as Bryant is with the Lakers, they'll play on Christmas Day. They can only ho-ho-hope to beat Miami.

Jan. 5 vs. Denver

The Lakers aren't big on giveaways at games but Brian Shaw deserves a bobblehead night in returning to Staples Center as the Nuggets' coach.

Feb. 19 vs. Houston

Booooooooooooooooooo! BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

March 13 at Oklahoma City; March 14 at San Antonio

Dear David Stern: Thanks a ton for this two-city, two-day trip. From: The Lakers.

April 6 at Clippers

Their fourth and final regular-season meeting. Will the Clips sweep the Lakers in consecutive years for the first time?

April 8 vs. Houston

Best-case scenario: Lakers stick it to Dwight, fans go crazy, Lakers lock up seventh in the West. Worst-case scenario: a half-empty Staples Center couldn't care less as Dwight gets 27 points, 17 rebounds and five blocked shots.

April 16 at San Antonio

The regular-season finale will mean one of two things — last-minute jockeying for a low-end playoff spot or last-minute jockeying for better draft position.