Lakers practice offers preview of coming attractions

The media, generally, aren't allowed to watch much of an NBA practice.

That holds true during training camp ... and in November ... and in March. Then the playoffs offer another level, a heightened climate of high-level secrecy.

Thursday afforded a slightly longer look at Lakers practice. Although the vision of the starting five being on the floor at the same time is not a new one -- since Dwight Howard was cleared for practice but not preseason games -- it does present a whiff of coming attractions.

Just call it the "Adjustment Bureau."

"We do have more new faces than we did last year," Pau Gasol said after practice. "So that's an adjustment. That's going to take some time, especially with Dwight (Howard) not playing preseason games. I think once he gets back on the court, he's going to make a difference. He's a unique player.

"We'll be better off. We still have to focus on those little things, especially on the defensive end."

Gasol spoke about Howard's impact, specifically, in terms of Gasol.

"He's an active, powerful player in the paint," Gasol said. "It's good for anybody. But for me, I'm a willing and good passer. So I'll be able to find him a lot when he's open. And if he stays active, he's going to get a lot of touches."


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