Stephen Jackson wouldn’t let Metta World Peace rap on his album


When it came down to determining who’d appear on his latest rap album, Spurs forward Stephen Jackson remained adamant that Lakers forward Metta World Peace wouldn’t have a guest spot.

“I can’t vouch for his music,” Jackson said of World Peace during a recent appearance on Power 105.1.

But the reasons went beyond Jackson apparently disliking World Peace’s single, “Champion,” his various mix tapes and his lyrically deficient 10-minute music video that is no longer viewable.


World Peace’s absence from the rap album also stems from Jackson’s contention that the two no longer have a relationship after their involvement in the 2004 Palace Brawl. As an Indiana Pacer, the former Ron Artest drew an 86-game suspension for going into the Pistons crowd and punching a fan for throwing a drink at him. Jackson also charged into the stands and fought with fans, which drew a 30-game suspension.

“I lost $3 million behind that and there was no ‘Thank you’ or nothing,” Jackson said. “The craziest part about that was, in the locker room afterward, he sat back and looked at me and asked me, were we going to get in trouble? That lets you know he ain’t all the way there.”

For what it’s worth, World Peace spent his memorable press conference after Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals apologizing to the Indiana Pacers for being “so young and egotistical.” During World Peace’s mea culpa, he also mentioned Jackson by name.

“Sometimes I feel like a coward when I see those guys,” World Peace said at the time. “I’m on the Lakers, but I had a chance to win with you guys. I feel almost like a coward.”

Even if the two remained good friends, it’s still unlikely Jackson would’ve allowed World Peace on his rap album anyway. See, Jackson will do something crazy like fight fans in the stands to protect a teammate. But if he considers your rapping skills subpar? Forget about it.

“If I’m with you, I’m with you and I’m going to ride with you,” Jackson said. “But as far as music, I can’t vouch for his music. ... I put my career on the line for him, going into the stands and fighting. I’ll do that for any one of my brothers, but I can’t vouch for his music.”


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