Pau Gasol sheds crutches three weeks after knee procedure

Lakers power forward Pau Gasol missed several games this season with injuries, including aching knees.
(Paul Buck / EPA)

Pau Gasol has shed his crutches after undergoing “FAST technique” procedures on both knees on May 9.

Today it’s been 3 weeks since the procedure done to knees. I’m finally off the crutches!! #lookingahead — Pau Gasol (@paugasol) May 30, 2013

The procedure involved inserting a probe into Gasol’s knees while using directed ultrasound waves to remove degenerated tissue in his patellar tendons.


The Lakers forward/center struggled with knee pain throughout the season. Gasol is also scheduled to receive stem cell injections to help stimulate the regeneration of tissue in his knees.

Gasol is expected to be out of action for 12 weeks from the initial procedure. He should be able resume basketball activities in nine weeks (early August).

On June 3, Gasol is to host a pep rally with the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club, in conjunction with the Gasol Foundation, to launch what’s being called The Healthy Competition 2013.

Gasol is competing against his brother, Marc, and they will each lead a group of kids, getting them to exercise and eat a healthier diet. Each team will monitor their daily activity and progress. The winner is be announced on Aug. 2. -- and the losing coach will shave his beard.


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