Jeremy Lin
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Jeremy Lin: Absolute Lin-sanity

Jeremy Lin
Since his first start on February 4, Jeremy Lin’s #17 New York Knicks jersey has been the top selling jersey in the NBA. The Knicks have also raised ticket prices by 27% and stocks in the team ownership company have gone up 6.2%, according to TIME Moneyland. (Chris Trotman / Getty Images)
Jeremy Lin
At a Knicks-Wizards game in Washington, D.C., fans show their support for New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin. (Rob Carr / Getty Images)
Jeremy Lin
A woman in Toronto offers a Valentine’s Day greeting to New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin. (Warren Toda / EPA)
Jeremy Lin
Fans at a Knicks-Wizards game in Washington, D.C., spell out Jeremy Lin’s name and uniform number. (Chuck Myers / MCT)
Fans hold up Lin photos to distract a Sacramento Kings player at the free throw line. (Frank Franklin II, Associated Press)
New York fans cheer Lin as the Knicks play the Sacramento Kings at Madison Square Garden(Chris Trotman, Getty Images)
Huang Wan-fen, 22, displays her homemade caps with Jeremy Lin’s name in Chinese characters as fans watch him play against the Sacramento Kings at a Taipei sports bar. (Wally Santana, Associated Press)
Jeremy Lin fans turn out in Toronto for the Knicks-Raptors game. (Warren Toda, EPA)