Three NFL teams on a short lease: Might they respond to L.A.'s call?

The San Diego Chargers have the option of terminating their lease agreement with Qualcomm Stadium next year.
(Kevin Terrell / Associated Press)

New leases on life?

The San Diego Chargers, St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders are working with year-to-year stadium leases heading into the season, meaning any of them can search for a new home if all doesn’t go well in their city this year. The teams’ lease situations:


Current home: Qualcomm Stadium.

Opened in: 1967

Years at site: 1967-present.

Lease terms: The Chargers have an escape clause that allows them to terminate their agreement during an annual window between Feb. 1 and May 1. The team negotiated that clause in 2004. Seven mayors have come and gone in San Diego since the Chargers began looking for stadium solutions 10 years ago.


Current home: Edward Jones Dome.

Opened in: 1995.

Years at site: 1995-present.

Lease terms: An escape clause is set to kick in for the Rams at the end of this season. If the stadium hasn’t been upgraded to one of the NFL’s eight best in various categories by the end of the 2014 season — and it won’t be — then the lease becomes year-to-year starting in 2015.


Current home: Coliseum.

Opened in: 1966.

Years at site: 1966-81, 1995-present.

Lease terms: The Raiders’ one-year lease extension expires after the season. They are the only NFL team to share a stadium with a Major League Baseball team, the Oakland Athletics. The Raiders want the city to knock down the stadium and build a new one for football. The city has approved a 10-year deal with the A’s, but the team opposes some of the terms. One or both of those teams could wind up leaving.