Helmet-less Dez Bryant gets punched in the face as Cowboys and Rams brawl [Video]

Helmet-less Dez Bryant gets punched in the face as Cowboys and Rams brawl [Video]
Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) jumps into a fight during a joint practice between the Cowboys and St. Louis Rams on Tuesday. (Max Faulkner / Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Dez Bryant might want to think about keeping his helmet on at all times during training camp, even on days he's not even practicing.

That might prevent things like this from happening:

That's from Tuesday's joint practice between Bryant's Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams. The star receiver, who was sitting out because of a hamstring injury, got punched in the face by a helmeted Rams player during one of multiple fights that broke out between the teams.

Practice was eventually called about a half hour early due to all the skirmishes. Back on Aug. 8, a joint practice between the Washington Redskins and Houston Texans ended prematurely for the same reason.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said he hopes the NFL's competition committee can do something about the issue. In-game fighting is a point of emphasis for the league this year.

"We're going to have to continue to emphasize that stuff is not what we want. It should not be a part of our game," said Jones, who serves on the competition committee with Rams coach Jeff Fisher. "It's not good for either team. Obviously, there are huge injury risks. We've just got to learn from it. I'd hate to think two teams can't get together."

Fisher said: "There is no excuse for it. You can't blame it on anybody. It just happened. Fortunately, nobody got hurt."

It's not the first time this preseason that Bryant has gotten punched in the face with no helmet on. He and teammate Tyler Patmon got into a fist fight back on the fourth day of training camp.


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