Former Rams QB Jim Everett says Eric Dickerson-Jeff Fisher feud ‘is a product of losing’


As a quarterback for the Rams, Jim Everett has learned to see the whole field before deciding where to deliver a pass.

So he took in both sides of the imbroglio involving former teammate Eric Dickerson and Rams Coach Jeff Fisher.

Dickerson, who has been publicly critical of the Rams during their 4-7 season, said he never would attend another Rams game while Fisher was coach. The feud stems from a phone conversation between the hall of fame running back and Fisher, in which Dickerson said Fisher told him he didn’t want him around the team.

Fisher said Dickerson had every right to be critical of the team but could not expect favors in return. He also said he wanted Dickerson to be around the team as much as possible.

Everett took to Twitter on Tuesday:

In a phone interview Tuesday afternoon, Everett said the controversy stemmed from frustration.

“This whole thing is a product of losing,” Everett said. “You get frustrated. On Eric’s side, he’s speaking about what he sees and calling it out. There’s nothing wrong with having a voice.

“The Rams have the right to [withhold] sideline passes. It’s just unfortunate all this frustration came out on each other. I mean, can’t we all be grown-ups?”

Everett said Dickerson “put a ton of goodwill into bringing the Rams home.”

“If there’s a bank account of goodwill,” Everett said, “Eric’s way into the interest.”

With the controversy roiling, the Rams are preparing for Sunday’s game at New England against the 9-2 Patriots.

“This is a time to circle the wagons. We’re going to play the Patriots,” Everett said. “This is not the time to be lashing out.”

But Everett said he understood both sides.

“I’ve been through a couple of divorces,” he said, chuckling. “There’s a lot of gray area.”