Florida State players so bored they’re playing Hangman on sideline

If you’ve seen No. 2 Florida State’s schedule you know the Seminoles haven’t played too many games of chance.

The Seminoles were so bored during last week’s 59-3 win over Syracuse, though, a few players played Hangman during the second half.

@TomahawkNation better quality— Jared Schrader (@jaredluke1234) November 17, 2013

It was either that or the worst “button hook” pattern ever drawn up by a coach.


You can’t blame Florida State players for needing things to do during blowout victories.

You’ve got two choices: Watch the third-string mop up or play games in lieu of not being able to use smartphones on the bench.

Hangman is probably just one of the many games Florida State has played to pass the time.

Players could have also had to set aside sideline time for:

--62-7 over Nevada (Candy Land)

--54-6 over Bethune-Cookman (Chutes and Ladders)

--63-0 over Maryland (Battleship)

--51-14 over Clemson (Sorry!)


--49-17 over North Carolina State (Operation)

--41-14 over Miami (Pictionary)

--59-3 over Wake Forest (Stratego)

Florida State should have some more free time this weekend as the Seminoles have opened as a 56.5-point favorite over visiting Idaho, which is 1-9 coming off a loss to Old Dominion.


We’re guessing Beer Pong is not an option.


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