J.T. Barrett upon arrest: ‘I’m the quarterback of Ohio State. There’s nothing you can do?’

J.T. Barrett speaks to reporters during the Ohio State's media day back in August.

J.T. Barrett speaks to reporters during the Ohio State’s media day back in August.

(Paul Vernon / Associated Press)

J.T. Barrett did what many of us would have done.

Caught driving while just slightly above the legal intoxication limit on Halloween, Barrett tried to talk his way out of being arrested for drunk driving.

And, as seen on a dashcam video posted online Thursday by TMZ, that includes trying to use his status as Ohio State’s starting quarterback to influence the arresting officer.

It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. Barrett doesn’t sound like he’s acting like a diva or pulling a major attitude or anything like that. He’s just looking for a break from an officer who has already pointed out how polite and cooperative he had been.

“I’m the quarterback of Ohio State,” Barrett can be heard saying. “There’s nothing you can do?”

The officer responded: “My intention is to not take you to jail. That’s about the best I can do for you.”


Barrett also can be heard cursing at himself.

On Tuesday Barrett was sentenced to a three-day driver-intervention program, fined $400 and had his license suspended for six months after he pleaded guilty to a count of driving while impaired.

Earlier on the night of his arrest, Barrett was relaxing with friends and decided to drive home a friend who was “heavily intoxicated,” according to Barrett’s attorney, Phil Templeton.

Barrett was stopped at a police checkpoint, Templeton said, and his blood-alcohol level was 0.099, only slightly above the legal limit of 0.08 for adults. Barrett, however, will not turn 21 until January.

Since the arrest, Barrett has served a one-game suspension. He will also lose his summer financial aid, Coach Urban Meyer has said.


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