Kobe Bryant says Jamal Crawford should be sixth man of the year

Jamal Crawford’s play this season has impressed many players around the league.

Among them, Kobe Bryant.

“He gets my nomination for sixth man of the year,” Bryant said of Crawford after Thursday’s Lakers practice.

It’s quite an endorsement, though Crawford’s numbers speak pretty well for themselves.


Crawford, who comes off the bench for the Clippers, is averaging 16.5 points in 29.1 minutes a game. He was instrumental in the Clippers’ franchise-best 17-game winning streak and has helped the team to an impressive 25-8 record.

Crawford, 32, was named sixth man of the year in 2010, but he’s never made an All-Star team.

He’s currently the second-leading scorer on the Clippers, behind Blake Griffin’s 17.4 points a game and just ahead of Chris Paul’s 16.3. Both Griffin and Paul are expected to make the All-Star team this season.

“It’s tough to be an All-Star in the Western Conference,” Bryant said. “I mean, there’s a lot of great guards playing extremely well.”


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