NCAA brackets busted: Only 273 of 11.57 million still perfect on ESPN

Iowa State's Georges Niang reacts during the second half of the Cyclones' stunning loss to Alabama Birmingham, 60-59, in the second round of the NCAA tournament.
(Joe Robbins / Getty Images)

The Kentucky Wildcats remain perfect after their 79-56 drubbing of Hampton, but chances are if you made a bracket anywhere you’re already busted.

Of 11.57 million brackets submitted to ESPN’s Tournament Challenge, only 273 remain perfect after the first big day of the tournament, thanks to a series of upsets in the South region.

The destruction began early when 14th-seeded Alabama Birmingham upset No. 3 Iowa State, 60-59. Only 5.1% had the Blazers winning while more than 16% of all ESPN brackets had the Cyclones advancing to the Final Four.

Yahoo bracket-makers didn’t fare much better. More than 96% of all brackets were busted when Iowa State went down, which also left just 2.9% still perfect on CBS.


Combined with No. 14 Georgia State’s takedown of No. 3 Baylor, 57-56, after scoring 13 unanswered points to the end the game, less than 1% of CBS brackets remained perfect. And with No. 11 UCLA’s stunning victory over No. 6 Southern Methodist, 60-59, on a late goaltending call, most never really stood a chance.

But, as always, the big winner of the day was Las Vegas.

“It was the second biggest day aside from a Super Bowl win in the state of Nevada,” Vice President of Race/Sports for MGM International told Yahoo Sports.

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