Nevada man pleads guilty to shooting golfer over errant shot

Living on a golf course is supposed to be a good thing.

But it seems that someone forgot to inform a Nevada man that it comes with the occasional errant shot in your backyard.

Jeff Fleming of Reno has pleaded guilty to battery with a deadly weapon after shooting a golfer whose wayward ball shattered a window at his home beside the Lakeridge Golf Course last year.

The 53-year-old Fleming became so enraged that he ran onto the course with a shotgun and fired a single round. The golfer, who was taking his drop and penalty shot at the time, tried to flee but was hit in an arm and both legs.


He was treated for minor wounds at a nearby hospital.

“Live on a golf course and you got to expect your house to get hit every once in a while,” Deputy District Atty. Sean Neahusan told the Associated Press. “This [shooting] is one of those stories that you just can’t make it up.”

Fleming surrendered to authorities after the September 2012 incident and has reportedly expressed “remorse and shock” over his actions.

With sentencing scheduled for Dec. 12, he faces a maximum of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.


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