Judge won’t delay deadline tied to proposed NFL concussion deal

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A federal judge denied four motions Thursday seeking to delay the Tuesday deadline for retired players and their families to opt out of the proposed NFL concussion deal.

Attorneys representing the families of late NFL players Lewis Bush and Dave Duerson had asked U.S. District Judge Anita Brody to postpone the date until after the Nov. 19 fairness hearing.

Similar requests were made by two groups, 214 retired NFL players and 23 former Kansas City Chiefs.

Brody, who didn’t explain the decision in the order denying the motions, indicated that an opinion will be filed at a later date.


The ruling means that all retired players and their families -- not just plaintiffs in the concussion litigation -- will be part of the proposed settlement unless they opt out by Tuesday.

Last week, a filing in the case said that only nine players have opted out.

The family of late San Diego Chargers linebacker Junior Seau announced their plans to do so in September, as did former Arizona Cardinals and Denver Broncos defensive back Hamza Abdullah.

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