AJ McCarron says he dropped in NFL draft for being ‘too honest’

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron predicted he'd be a first-rounder but wasn't picked until the fifth round of the NFL draft.
(Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images)

AJ McCarron needs to simmer down.

Take a cue from Johnny Manziel (has anyone ever said that before?) and just stop giving people reasons to bash you.

McCarron, who won two national championships as Alabama’s starting quarterback and was runner-up in the Heisman Trophy voting last season, reportedly came across as being arrogant in his pre-draft meetings with some NFL teams and publicly predicted that he’d be picked in the first round somewhere between 16th and 35th.

He ended up going in the fifth round, 164th overall to the Cincinnati Bengals. But that hasn’t stopped McCarron’s self-assured ramblings.


“I guess when teams met with me, they wanted me to say I’ll be a third-round guy and a mediocre quarterback,” McCarron told reporters Wednesday in Cincinnati. “Maybe I was too honest or something. I’m an honest person and I say what I feel. That’s how I feel about my play. If that turns a team off, then at the end of the day, to me, they didn’t really want you. I was myself.”

Sure, AJ, keep telling yourself that kind of stuff. Just stop telling us.