Should the NFL eliminate extra-point kicks after touchdowns? [Poll]

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The NFL is thinking about streamlining the game a bit by eliminating the extra-point kicks following touchdowns.

After all, the PAT is pretty much automatic these days anyway.

According to Sam Farmer in Wednesday’s Times, only four of 1,191 extra-point tries this season were missed, and all of them were blocked.

Commissioner Roger Goodell told NFL Network that the league’s competition committee would look into the idea this off-season of making all touchdowns worth seven points. Teams could still go for what’s now a two-point conversion and either gain or lose one point, making the score worth eight or six.


Of course, some folks -- like kickers and football purists -- won’t like the idea. Another possible solution if the current format is too boring would be to move the kicks back to make them less of a sure thing.

Or just leave it as is -- don’t fix something that isn’t broken.

What do you think? Is it time to get rid of the extra-point kick?