Did Robert Griffin III throw teammates under the bus after Bucs loss?

Maybe his head was still spinning from being sacked six times in the game that just ended. Or maybe he was still trying to get his head around the fact that his team had gotten blown out by the one-win Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Either way, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III made some pretty interesting comments Sunday after completing 23 of 32 passes for 207 yards with one touchdown and two interceptions for a passer rating of 73.3 during the 27-7 loss.

Like this:

“The great quarterbacks, the Peytons, the Aaron Rodgers -- those guys don’t play well if their guys don’t play well. They don’t.”


Huh? This is a guy who has been plagued of late by questions about his leadership ability, not to mention his playing ability, who now is seemingly throwing his teammates under the bus.

But Griffin apparently didn’t think that’s what he was doing. Here’s what he said next:

“We need everybody. I need every one of those guys in that locker room. And I know they’re looking at me saying the same thing. I’m going to be there for them, I promise that. ... I need them to do the same. And I know they will. I believe they will. What else am I supposed to believe?”

OK, so it was supposed to be a we’re-all-in-this-together kind of speech, I guess.


Griffin actually spent most of the presser trying to get across the same sort of message, but instead came across as a guy who accepts the blame in one breath, then deflects it in the next.

Earlier he was asked about all the sacks, whether they were due to protection issues or if he possibly could have gotten rid of the ball quicker. His immediate answer: “All the sacks are on me, period.”

And in the same response: “When you ask me that question, and I say all the sacks are on me, it’s because I’m looking at myself in the mirror and saying, ‘I can do better, I have to do better.’ ”

Awesome! He’s accepting full responsibility. What a great leader!

But then he continued:

“And I need every man in that locker room -- player coach, everyone -- to look themselves in the mirror and say, ‘What can I do better?’ So if one of my offensive linemen were up here or a back or a receiver and you ask them that question, I would expect them to do the same. You know, take responsiblity for it ... try to find a way to change the protection to pick it up.”

Hmm, doesn’t quite sound like a guy accepting full responsibility to me.

But maybe I’m taking things out of context. Take a look at his news conference for yourself and see what you think.


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