Russell Wilson cameo leads to broken leg for ‘Entourage’ star

Russell Wilson, Kevin Connolly
Russell Wilson and Kevin Connolly display the actor’s broken leg.

Super Bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson has a cameo appearance in the upcoming “Entourage” movie. Sounds like a fun idea, right?

Well, what did your mom always tell you about playing ball on the set of a popular TV show turned feature film?

That’s right. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt. In this case, that someone is Kevin Connolly, who plays Eric Murphy on the long-running HBO series due to make its big-screen debut next summer.

During filming in Los Angeles, Connolly broke his leg in two places while catching passes from the Seattle Seahawks quarterback. The New York Daily News reports that the actor tripped on a sprinkler.

Both men made light of the situation on social media.

My man @mrkevinconnolly banged up after Running a perfect post route. When he gets healthy watch out…— Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) March 24, 2014

Pain management advice from a Super Bowl champ!!! #brokenleg @DangeRussWilson— Kevin Connolly (@mrkevinconnolly) March 21, 2014

Connolly has proved to be a pretty tough guy through the ordeal. Director Doug Ellin tweeted that Connolly made the catch despite what had to have been a pretty painful injury.

This actually was during a take and my man @mrkevinconnolly came down with the ball! @DangeRussWilson— Doug Ellin (@mrdougellin) March 24, 2014

And according to, Connolly was ready to shoot the next scene after merely icing down his leg -- and showed up for work the next day as well. Costar Jeremy Piven was impressed.

.@mattym812 It would take more than a broken leg to keep @mrkevinconnolly down #AskPiven— Jeremy Piven (@jeremypiven) March 25, 2014