Middle school coach dismissed for plan to take players to Hooters

Coach Randy Burbach wanted to celebrate a successful middle school football season with an awards ceremony for his players.

Great idea!

He decided to hold the gathering for the third- through eighth-graders at Hooters.

Bad idea.


Really, really bad idea, the kind that can cost a guy his coaching gig particularly when he digs in his heels when confronted about the controversial venue choice.

An official from Corbett (Ore.) Middle School said Burbach and his staff will not be back with the football team next year. In an email sent to players’ families Monday and later posted on the school’s website, athletic director JP Soulagnet said the coach “was unyielding and emphatically said no” when asked about switching locations.

“We will lose coaches that did a great job turning a group of middle school boys into a cohesive, affective football team,” Soulagnet wrote. “I’m very supportive of the time and effort that they have put in and contributed towards Corbett Football but cannot further support them in coaching roles here at Corbett based on the unwillingness to change the location of this event to a more appropriate spot.”

Burbach told Reuters that Hooters -- known for its scantily clad waitresses in tight shorts and tops -- was the overwhelming choice of venue by his players (imagine that!). He said the decision was made back in September and that the boys were instructed to inform their parents at the time.


The coach said he hadn’t heard of any complaints until this past weekend and determined that there was not enough time to make such a major change. The event is still scheduled to take place as planned, although it will no longer be affiliated with the school.

“I’ve spent this whole season teaching these kids that if you get knocked down, stand up and fight,” said Burbach, a volunteer who got paid a small stipend for coaching. “That’s why I refuse to move the venue at the 11th hour.”


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