Watch Shaquille O’Neal fall flat on his face on TNT set

Shaquille O’Neal certainly knows how to take a fall. And for a guy his size, that’s no small feat.

Throw in the NBA legend’s unique sense of humor, and suddenly what could have been a disaster of epic proportions turns into a bit of can’t-miss comedy.

Remember this?


How about this?

And the tumbles haven’t stopped now that he’s an analyst for TNT.


The latest (and greatest) wipeout came Thursday night during halftime of the Clippers’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Members of the TNT crew have been practicing for a running challenge and Shaq decided to demonstrate his skills -- and wound up eating some serious floor instead.

As the rest of the crew erupted in laughter and the audience enjoyed multiple slow-motion replays of the spill, O’Neal jokingly declared to the network’s onetime owner, “Ted Turner, I’m gonna see you in court!”

Watch it all in the video above.


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