UCLA’s Brett Hundley, Myles Jack have their policies (insurance ones)

Myles Jack takes a handoff from Brett Hundley against Washington last November.
(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley has a reservation for the first round of the NFL draft following this season.

Bruins linebacker Myles Jack will try to make a similar arrangements with his play — he can declare following the 2015 season.

Both have taken precautions until they get to that destination.

Hundley and Jack have taken out insurance policies that would provide financial security should injuries curtail their football futures. Jack’s policy reportedly will pay $5 million. Hundley’s coverage package was unknown.


“I just want to protect myself,” Jack said. “I don’t worry about injuries. It doesn’t faze me. But it’s like protecting a car. You want to be safe. Anything can happen.”

Hundley has never worried about the “anythings.”

“To be honest, I never was a big believer in that,” Hundley said. “I played football for the fun. I never worried [about] injuries.”

A year ago, Hundley was urged to take out a policy and declined. This season, he has relented.

“If it happens, and God willing it won’t, I feel comfortable having something there,” Hundley said.