Hey, Angels fans, here’s who you should cheer for this postseason

There's no better reason to root for the Brewers than Bob Uecker.
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Are you an Angels fan and don’t know what to do this postseason with your team on the sidelines? MLB has come to your rescue with a list of reasons you, or any fan of a team not in the postseason, should root for one of the teams that will have a chance to win the World Series. Here’s the best reason for each team:

Dodgers: No one wants to see another Buffalo Bills. The Dodgers have made two straight World Series but lost them both. They’re favored to make another one this season. Manager Dave Roberts isn’t going to be the next Marv Levy, is he?

Astros: They’re the closest thing we have left to a dynasty. Would you believe that only one team that has won the World Series since 2011 is in the postseason this year? Yup, it’s the Astros, and with the Cubs and Red Sox out, the window is open for Houston to make its case as the signature team of the last half-decade.


A’s: Tom Hanks is rooting for them. Who are you not to side with America’s favorite movie star?

Braves: Blooper’s going to get in a fight with a player. In the postseason, emotions run high. Braves mascot Blooper has already fought with Manny Machado and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Who will be the target of his scorn in October?

Brewers: Uecker. More Brewers means more of broadcaster Bob Uecker.

Cardinals: John Brebbia’s beard. The Cardinals reliever shaves right before the regular season begins and then doesn’t until the season is over. If the Cards make it to late October, it might reach the floor.

Indians: 2016. When the Cubs beat the Indians in the 2016 World Series, the Indians took over the Cubs’ slot as the most tortured fanbase in the sport. They last won the World Series in 1948.

Nationals: The Ewing Theory in action. The theory says that a sports team can actually improve only once it loses its most high-profile player. What a statement it would be to win a World Series the year after Bryce Harper leaves.

Rays: They’re one of three teams still in the hunt never to have won a World Series. There is nothing like that first World Series title.

Twins: It always feels like the postseason. The World Series always seems to feel a little more dramatic when you can see the players’ breath. And rest assured: It will be extremely cold in Minneapolis in late October.

Yankees: (Editor’s note: There’s no good reason to root for the Yankees, so I am not running any of MLB’s reasons for them).

Not cool

Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper didn’t want to get into detail Wednesday when he said some Washington Nationals fans crossed the line with their heckling that night.

But his wife apparently does want those details out there.

Kayla Harper revealed Thursday morning on Twitter that some fans of Harper’s former team made comments about the couple’s infant son, Krew, who was born Aug. 22.

“When you bring his son or family into it, yes you’re crossing a line,” Kayla Harper wrote. “Stick to your overused overrated and Harper sucks chants if you’re really that loser that goes to a game to heckle someone. Phillies fans might boo him but they don’t bring his 4 week old son into it. Classless.”

Bryce Harper said Washington fans crossed the line with their heckling in the eighth inning. He was not happy. He said he was eager to get back to Philly and the great fans there.

Bryce Harper became one of the biggest names in baseball during his seven seasons in Washington before signing last offseason with the Phillies.

Kayla Harper said Thursday on Twitter that Nationals fans had sent her disturbing messages all season.

“I truly doubt you are aware of the dms I have gotten from nats fans all season,” she wrote. “Wishing my son has autism when he’s born for example. So yes all season.”

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