Runnin’ the hitch and go: Couple gets married at halftime of Bills-Patriots game

Mackenzie Park and Jordan Binggeli share a kiss after being married at midfield during halftime.
Mackenzie Park and Jordan Binggeli share a kiss after being married at midfield during halftime.
(Adrian Kraus / AP)

A host of Bills legends were on hand when Mackenzie Park and Jordan Binggeli got married at halftime of Sunday’s New England Patriots-Buffalo Bills game.

The ceremony took place at the 50-yard line with retired Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams presiding. Former Bills quarterback Jim Kelly gave the bride away. Former kicker Scott Norwood tried to deliver the rings, but missed wide and to the right. OK, that last part may not have happened.

Binggeli proposed to Park before a Bills game in 2017 by throwing her a football with a message written on it: “You intercepted my heart. Let’s tackle the world together. Will you marry me?”


For some reason, she said yes anyway.

The couple also got a football autographed by the Bills and tickets to the Super Bowl, where they probably won’t see the Bills.

But how do you really feel?

It has been a tough couple of weeks for Washington State coach Mike Leach. First his team lost to UCLA, 67-63, in an improbable comeback for the Bruins. On Saturday, his team was routed by Utah, 38-13.

So after Saturday’s loss, Leach decided to send a message to his players, calling them “fat, dumb, happy, and entitled.”

“We’re a very soft team,” Leach said. “We get a lot of good press. We like to read it a lot. We like to pat ourselves on the back and if we get any resistance, we fold.”

Wow. That’s an interesting motivational technique.

“I think we’ve got a bunch of free agents running around there that think they’re pretty special and then as soon as something doesn’t go their way, they want to pout,” Leach said. “We weren’t even close. I think that at some point they have to embrace the effort themselves.”

Dealing with trolls

Running back CJ Anderson played a key role for the Rams last season. The Detroit Lions signed him in the off-season, but waived him after two games. So he sits on his couch like most of us while watching the NFL action on Sundays.

He will often tweet about what he is watching, which led one Twitter follower of his, Josh Netherland (@Dealerguy04Josh), to send him the following tweet:
“At least you got a good view from your couch fat boy.”

Anderson, who is still collecting some money from the Lions from the one-year deal he signed, responded, “Being paid to sit here my man. I believe that’s the difference between me on the couch and you.”

Netherland then responded with a couple of comments again referring to Anderson’s weight. Then the rest of Twitter seemed to rise up to Anderson’s defense.

Moral to story: If you want to claim the high ground in a war of words, don’t start off with the fat jokes.

Sports poll

The Dodgers will open the NLDS on Thursday against either the Washington Nationals or Milwaukee Brewers. At one point, the St. Louis Cardinals were in the mix, which I didn’t list in this space Friday because I’m an idiot, even though they were all listed in the poll. And now the Cardinals can’t play the Dodgers in the NLDS, so I was wrong on something I turned out being right about. And now I have a headache. Which all leads us to: Which team would you rather the Dodgers face? Go to to vote or email me at