More athletes’ Halloween costumes: How did Tom Brady, Stephen Curry and others look?

Halloween is over, and The Times’ ranking of the sports world’s top costumes of the year was set in stone more than 24 hours ago.

But there were some latecomers to the party. Many athletes didn’t share their costumes with the world until later in the day when they were heading out to trick-or-treat with their youngsters or to one last Halloween bash.

So while its too late to update the Top 10, here are some of the standouts among the lollygaggers and an unofficial determination of whether or not they would have made our exclusive list.

Tim Tebow as William Wallace

Top 10 worthy? Definitely. The former Heisman Trophy winner and current New York Mets minor leaguer really commits to his part as Mel Gibson’s character in “Braveheart,” posting a video of himself in costume delivering a speech from the movie in dramatic fashion.


Tom Brady as a Stormtrooper

Top 10 worthy? No way. The New England Patriots quarterback may be the GOAT as far as the NFL is concerned, but his Halloween skills could use some work. No self-respecting soldier in the Galactic Empire would be caught dead wearing sneakers.

LeBron James’ famous Halloween party wasn’t technically his own this year. His wife and her friends planned it, but James and his teammates didn’t disappoint.


Walker Buehler and McKenzie Marcinek as Ferris Buehler and Sloane Peterson

Top 10 worthy? Nah. But it was a brilliant idea for the Dodgers pitcher and his girlfriend to wear “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off” costumes.

The Houston Texans linebackers as Kiss

Top 10 worthy? Unfortunately, no. Jacob Martin, Brennan Scarlett, Barkevious Mingo and Whitney Mercilus are spot on as the heavy metal band, but there’s only room for one makeup-covered member of the Houston Texans on this list.


Nastia Liukin and Sam Martin as each other

Top 10 worthy? Strong contender. The retired gymnast wore her boyfriend’s Detroit Lions uniform, while the punter dressed as his girlfriend when she won the all-around gold in the 2008 Olympics (pretty sure her hair didn’t look anything like that though).

Stephen Curry as Buzz Lightyear

Top 10 worthy? Not a chance. However, the Golden State Warriors star’s adorable son, Canon, as the “Toy Story” character’s pal Woody would definitely make the cut.

From Beyoncé as a vintage Barbie doll to Harry Styles as Elton John, we round up the most memorable celebrity Halloween costumes from years past.


Carey and Angela Price as Gomez and Morticia Addams

Top 10 worthy? Probably not. The Montreal Canadians goalie and his wife look great as “The Addams Family” characters, but they were one-upped by another hockey couple.

Marc-Andre Fleury and Veronique LaRosee as Cousin Itt and Wednesday Addams

Top 10 worthy? Hell, yeah. The Golden Knights goaltender and his wife are pretty much perfect as another “Addams Family” duo.


JJ Redick as Lego Man

Top 10 worthy? No, but it made for a great entrance for the New Orleans Pelicans guard for a game on Halloween night.

Isaiah Thomas as an Oompah Loompah

Top 10 worthy? Possibly. The 5-foot-9 Washington Wizards guard probably feels like one of the “Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” characters standing next to some of his teammates.