Letters to Sports: It’s an age-old question with the Lakers

Lakers stars LeBron James, left, and Anthony Davis watch their teammates play while sitting on the bench.
Lakers stars LeBron James, left, and Anthony Davis watch from the bench during a 108-90 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Dec. 21 at Staples Center, now called Arena.
(Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

Let’s hope one of these days Anthony Davis finally asks LeBron James how he stays so healthy and starts following his workout regimen. The “Brow” needs to take better care of his body to avoid his constant trips to the injured list.

Ken Blake



Upon hearing the geriatric Lakers signed Isaiah Thomas I thought, hey why not? I mean, the former Pistons great is only 60 years old, well past his prime, and has nothing left in the tank so he ought to be a really good fit.

Steve Ross
Beverly Hills


Considering the Lakers’ affinity for mainly incorporating team members from the past into the lineup, how soon will it be before we see Jordan Hill back in the rotation?

Rob Fleishman

Marvelous memories

Thank you, Bill Plaschke. The heartfelt tribute to your mother, the Marvelous Mary Plaschke, puts sports matters and opinions in the perspective they deserve.

Mario Valvo

Boom or bust?

I have to laugh every time I read how Lincoln Riley “built a winner at Oklahoma.” In actuality, he inherited a winning and championship program from Bob Stoops. Riley’s version of the Sooners then got worse every year thereafter, culminating in a 10-2 year in 2021 when the Sooners looked unprepared in every game they played and did not win the Big 12 title for the first time in six years. Riley’s play-calling was uninspired and he created and mismanaged a quarterback controversy that was a distraction. What did he “build” exactly?

Scott Javine

Dealing with China

I enjoyed Bill Dwyre’s poignant commentary about the man who stood up to China’s self-proclaimed deity. All China needed to do was to allow Peng Shuai to leave China and in a neutral country be interviewed. Now, sadly, it’s too late. I hope that after two Olympics early in this century, the world respectfully declines further bids from China to host major sports events.

Bruce Miller
Playa del Rey


Steve Simon pulled tournaments from China only after a WTA player disappeared online, if not in reality. What about all the other abuses of human rights in China that have been well known for years while women’s professional tennis eagerly took Chinese money, not to mention the abuses of women’s rights in the UAE, where the WTA still has a big tournament?

Bill Dwyre thinks this is “unique resolve?” Get back to me when Adam Silver doesn’t react to the Chinese kidnapping LeBron.

Gerald Gollin
Solana Beach


Two weeks in a row you have given us articles from Bill Dwyre. What a treat, thank you! Can we look forward to more?

Ron Serandos
Thousand Oaks

Charging ahead

As a Chargers fan since 1963, I see Brandon Staley embracing the best of our coaching history. Aggressive play calling is refreshing and comes with risk in a violent, aggressive, chaotic sport. Successful Chargers coaches Gillman, Coryell and Ross coached to win as does Staley. Bill Plaschke missed the mark in his Dec. 17 column.

Dan Durst
San Clemente


Joey Bosa is a vitally important and game-changing defensive lineman, while at the same time also a selfish teammate, as the Chargers come down the stretch in their quest to qualify for the playoffs, earn the right to host a game at SoFi Stadium, and make some noise during the postseason. This is the second time he’s been placed on the COVID-19 list this season because he has chosen not to get vaccinated; thus putting himself and everyone around him in peril.

Howard Cohen
North Hills

Pandemic dilemma

Earlier this week, the NHL announced it was “pausing” all games for several days. My question is this: When will the NFL do the same thing?

Given how quickly the Omicron variant is spreading in locker rooms and on the field, shouldn’t the NFL take a timeout? That’s right. Cancel all remaining games this month. Give players and coaches a chance to quarantine, if necessary, for the next two weeks.

If I had to guess, I’d say the owners wouldn’t be happy if this happens; but, which is more important, the health of the players and coaches or the wealth of the owners?

Denny Freidenrich
Laguna Beach


Maybe it was fun the other night to see Joe Johnson on the floor for the Celtics at nearly age 41. Other teams are essentially recruiting players who haven’t seen the NBA for years. But the NBA COVID policy of “the show must go on” is not about the players’ health or safety but rather the almighty dollar.

Over 100 players went into the COVID protocol this month alone. The rosters without them looked more like the Big 3 tournaments or the G League. Teams battling for the playoffs have their destinies being determined by how many players fall victim to the protocols. Fans who pay $200+ per ticket get to watch teams like Brooklyn play without all of their stars. Sometimes without any of their marquee players that everyone came to see. Nonrefundable tickets of course.

Canceling or postponing a game because a large number of players are infected or closely exposed simply isn’t in the cards when money is involved. In these cases it’s less about “the show must go on” but rather “all about the Benjamins.”

Bob Goldstone
Corona Del Mar

Staples remover

They can call Staples Center Crypto.Com Stadium, Round Ball Stadium, In The Hoop Stadium, or anything else they may come up with, but to me, it will always be Staples Center and nothing else. Too many great memories not only of the players who have performed there, but of the building itself.

Michael Gesas
Beverly Hills


Bill Plaschke’s article was a grim reminder of what happened to our Lakers. Who could read the article and not tear up? Chick Hearn, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Robert Horry, read ‘em and weep. COVID may have taken a toll on the game but it can’t kill our memories. May Staples Center rest in peace.

Patrick Kelley
Los Angeles


I’ve never seen so many people get so nostalgic about office supplies.

Mer Valdez
Long Beach

Missing the playoffs

The Division 1 FCS football playoffs have been underway for three weeks now, but The Times sports department must have determined that football fans only care about the 130 Division 1 FBS teams. One must assume that, because not one word, not even one score, of any of the games was in The Times.

Will the national championship game on Jan. 8 between Montana State and North Dakota State rate a single line in the paper?

Gary Sohl
Fountain Valley


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