‘Sissy blue shirt?’ UCLA fan taunted by Ed Orgeron has ideas on where he can geaux

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LSU coach Ed Orgeron calls out fan ‘in your little sissy blue shirt’

LSU coach Ed Orgeron calls out a fan “in your sissy little blue shirt” before Saturday’s loss to UCLA at the Rose Bowl.


The “sissy blue shirt” is primarily black, with small blue UCLA and Jordan Brand logos.

It belongs to David Witzling, a Bruins fan who unwittingly sparked a Twitter tizzy Saturday thanks to video featuring the molasses drawl and colorful vocabulary of Louisiana State football coach Ed Orgeron.

“Bring your ass on, in your sissy blue shirt,” Orgeron shouted at Witzling as the coach walked into a Rose Bowl tunnel from the team bus before the Tigers’ 38-27 loss to UCLA.


A day later, Witzling told The Times that he interpreted Orgeron’s words as a jab at Bruin Nation considering his shirt wasn’t blue, nor sissy, and the only people nearby clad in that color were his children.

UCLA is 2-0 and for-real real after defeating mighty LSU 38-27 on Saturday night at a rocking Rose Bowl, and the season’s promise is limitless.

Sept. 4, 2021

“It’s nothing special,” Witzling said. “It’s like a team-issued black Jordan shirt.”

A video of the exchange garnered millions of views across various internet sites but did not include the context that prompted Orgeron’s taunt.

Footage shot by Witzling’s wife, Ana, provided to The Times showed the full sequence that started with David Witzling reminding Orgeron of what he had said before his final game as USC’s interim coach in 2013.

David Witzling, center, holds an American flag on the field at the Rose Bowl with his children.
David Witzling, center, holds an American flag on the field at the Rose Bowl with his children, Natalie and David, before Saturday’s game between UCLA and LSU.
(Witzling family)

At an annual Conquest rally during the week of the game against UCLA at the Coliseum, Orgeron said, “Come Saturday night, we’re gonna let those little boys from across town into our stadium and we’re gonna lock the gates.”

UCLA defeated USC 35-14, and Orgeron was informed two days later that he would not get the permanent job, which went to Steve Sarkisian.


Witzling, a 2003 UCLA graduate who lives in Huntington Beach, commenced his Trojans teasing Saturday as Orgeron approached the tunnel beneath where Witzling and his family were perched to shoot video of LSU’s arrival.

“Coach Orgeron, how are you doing?” Witzling begins, drawing an acknowledgement from the coach as well as a thumbs up. “We’re going to lock those gates and we’re going to beat you down. Remember ‘SC?”

Orgeron’s demeanor changes in an instant, the coach disparaging Witzling’s shirt as a Louisiana state trooper accompanying the coach flexes his right arm and taps his massive bicep.

UCLA earned a huge win over LSU and vaulted into the College Football Playoff conversation, but the Bruins can’t expect the Pac-12 to boost its résumé.

Sept. 5, 2021

Undeterred, Witzling continues, “You said, ‘We’re going to lock your gates, we’re going to lock your gates, we’re going to lock ‘em.’ ”

After Orgeron disappears from the video, Witzling laughs about the exchange with his family.

“Did he say that?” asked Witzling’s daughter, Natalie. “Was he really, like, upset?”

“Yeah, of course,” David Witzling says with a chuckle.

Orgeron’s bravado has endeared him to many while alienating others, including Witzling.

“He uses his own slang and he’s original to Louisiana, so he speaks in his own way,” Witzling said, “but my interpretation, and if you look at what he said, he’s basically telling me to fight him right there and then. So it’s nice that you can get under their skin as a fan.”


Greg Dulcich was an offensive juggernaut for UCLA in its win over LSU, tallying a team-high 117 receiving yards and a touchdown on three catches.

Sept. 5, 2021

Orgeron’s phrase sparked a slew of memes and T-shirt designs bearing various spins on the words in addition to widespread use of the hashtag #SissyBlueShirt. The official UCLA football Instagram account posted video of Orgeron’s challenge followed by footage of Bruins players mocking LSU’s “Get the Gat” dance in the locker room after their victory over the No. 16 Tigers.

Witzling doesn’t want any merchandising deals. He said he was having a little fun and was not some crazy taunting fan.

“I said something to get under his skin, nothing derogatory,” Witzling said. “I told him exactly what he told us years ago, and that led to his downfall then and I wanted to remind him.”