Should USC fans have open mind about Trojans’ uniforms?

In 2002, USC unveiled new football jerseys with four future NFL players -- from left, Kenechi Udele, Troy Polamalu, Carson Palmer and Matt Cassel. It was the first change since 1971.
(Ken Hively / Los Angeles Times)

USC defensive lineman Kenny Bigelow said he was “thinking out loud” before spring break in March when he tweeted, “We need a younger more... Open to change fan base.”

Bigelow said last week the tweet was in reference to uniforms.

USC is one of only a few schools that have not joined the popular alternate-uniform craze, led by the Oregon Ducks.

The Trojans are the only bowl subdivision team that has never had last names on jerseys.


Bigelow said the locker room was “divided” about uniforms.

“Some guys care for it, some guys couldn’t care less about it,” he said.

Bigelow said he found himself “on either side of the spectrum from time to time.”

USC players did wear a new metallic-tinged helmet in some games last season.


“It was a way to kind of update our look in a sense, but yet hold onto our tradition,” Coach Steve Sarkisian said in October.

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