2006 Lane Tanner Pinot Noir

How can you not like a wine that exhorts drinkers to “laugh more -- flirt often” on the back of the bottle. That’s Lane Tanner, Santa Barbara winemaker extraordinaire, talking. She herself has been flirting with Pinot Noir since 1984 and knows quite a bit about this seductive, yet difficult grape and all that’s showing in this latest bottling of her basic Santa Barbara Pinot.

Ripe and supple, it exudes class and, well, a certain sexiness. Its fine balance and bright fruit endear it to any company. Introduce a bottle to your holiday standing rib roast and they should get on splendidly. Madame Pinot might be a good match for a roast goose or duck, a hefty steak or a well-edited cheese platter too.

-- S. Irene Virbila

Region: Santa Barbara County

Price: About $27

Style: Soft and ripe

What it goes with: rib roast, goose or duck, steak, cheese.

Where to find it: Available at fine wine shops and retailers.