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At the Spider Pavilion

Brent Karner, resident “bug guy” at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, looks at an orb weaver spider. The museum’s new Spider Pavilion has nearly 100 creepy crawlies on exhibit through Nov. 4. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
An orb weaver hangs inside the enclosed pavilion. The more dangerous spiders are kept under glass in a separate interpretive area. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
The spider exhibit gets a reaction from a museum visitor. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
A giant wood spider. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
A Mexican red-knee tarantula greets guests at the pavilion entry. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
A Malaysian huntsman spider blends into a rock background. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
A golden silk spider weaves a faint web. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
A butterfly is trapped inside the web of a golden silk spider at the pavilion. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
Up close and personal with a giant wood spider. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
The golden silk spider is king of its domain. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
Golden silk spider. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
A golden orb weaver sits above part of its web called the stabilimentum. (Mel Melcon / LAT)
An African golden silk spider catches the eye of a museum guest. (Mel Melcon / LAT)