E!'s ‘Sunset Tan’ set to launch L.A.-centric clothing line

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

THE E! reality series that follows a group of blond, scantily clad tanning bed operators, “Sunset Tan,” has inspired a clothing line. That’s right, come September, salons in the Sunset Tan chain will begin selling premium jeans, velour sweatsuits and button-down shirts ($22.50 to $289). Which is strange, because perfecting the faux glow that is the show’s central plot point means wearing no clothes at all.

The idea came about after fans showed an interest in the outfits worn on screen, according to Devin Haman, cofounder and CEO of Sunset Tan, based in L.A.

The outfits, huh?

Salons nationwide will be doubling their retail space to accommodate the clothes -- except the collection, much like the show, has a pretty limited vocabulary. Think L.A. cliches such as too-tight tattoo T-shirts for men and postage stamp-sized denim skirts for women, both with blinding Swarovski crystal details.


Even skimpy animal print swimwear is encrusted in jewels. Haman is so big on bling, he even created a custom amber-colored crystal that’s meant to evoke a sunset. Clever.

Has a small-screen show ever spawned a clothing line? Hmm. In the late 1990s, “Ally McBeal” sleepwear and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” T-shirts hit store shelves. Mischa Barton’s and Rachel Bilson’s stylish wardrobes on “The O.C.” inspired tube tops, bubble skirts and tweed vests even they wouldn’t have been caught wearing. “American Idol” fans can buy T-shirts with song lyrics from past performances, and those who want to dress like Hollywood hangers-on can slip into “Entourage"-inspired jeans by AG.

In a perfect world, the retro fashions from “Mad Men” would be hanging near accessories from “Gossip Girl.” But for now, we’ll just have to slather on the tanning oil and keep on dreaming.