TripAdvisor users choose Marrakech, Morocco, as top 2015 destination

A street in the heart of the medina in Marrakech, Morocco, founded in 1070.
(Susan Spano / Los Angeles Times)

TripAdvisor users love Marrakech. They chose the Moroccan city as the No. 1 place to visit in 2015.

The former imperial city is inland, south of the more famous coastal Casablanca and capital Rabat. It was selected in TripAdvisor‘s Top 10 Travelers’ Choice Destinations 2015 report released Monday.

In a random look at TripAdvisor, I found a reviewer named Davieclan who posted this on Sunday:

“Quite something during the day, incredible at night as it changes atmosphere considerably -- food stalls at night are worth wandering around (calamari, chips and aubergine [eggplant] one evening was lovely and very cheap). Could wander round here for hours, people and animal watching. From spices to snakes, monkeys to musicians -- so much to see and hear.”


Other cities that earned a spot on the Top 10 international destination list:

2. Siem Reap (site of the remarkable Angor Wat temple complex) in Cambodia

3. Istanbul, Turkey (2014’s top destination)

4. Hanoi

5. Prague, Czech Republic

6. London

7. Rome

8. Buenos Aires

9. Paris

10. Cape Town, South Africa

In the U.S., New York City retained its ranking for the second year as the top place to see in 2015. The rest:

2. Chicago

3. Charleston, S.C.

4. Las Vegas

5. Seattle

6. San Francisco

7. Washington, D.C.

8. New Orleans

9. Palm Springs

10. San Diego

TripAdvisor says it calculates awards by using an algorithm that accounts for the quantity and quality of reviews on its website gathered over a 12-month period.