When in Ventura County, dive into the subs at Valentino's

Ventura County's best sandwiches

Travel writer Julie L. Kessler did a nice job of capturing the allure of Ventura County in her article ["Seaside Sojourn," Jan. 10]. I worked in different parts of Ventura County for the better part of 20 years, and it's a great place. It's also home to an excellent sandwich shop. There's nothing fancy about Valentino's, but man, does it make good food. Valentino's has three locations in Ventura County — I frequented the one in Ventura — and its cold sub sandwiches are the best I've ever had.


Ron Epstein

Woodland Hills

RIP, Darby

I was saddened to hear of Darby's passing ["Darby Checks Out," Need to Know, Jan. 10]. We rescued Duke, an older dog, and had eight wonderful years with him before he left us. I understand the hole in Rosemary McClure's life that Darby leaves behind. Funny how such a small dog can leave such a big hole, isn't it?

As a fellow animal lover, I always liked reading about Darby's travels with McClure. I hope that her many memories of happy times will help ease his passing.

Nancy Kaiser

Agoura Hills

Insurance tips

Reader Stu Lovett is correct that you need to examine the travel insurance policy before buying ["Insurance Watch," Letters, June 10]. I think his problem, the reason he didn't get reimbursed, was that his policy didn't cover pre-existing conditions. Most policies say you have to buy the insurance 10 to 14 days from the initial deposit to have this included. We do this.

Ilene Oller

Los Angeles

There have been a number of articles and letters lately regarding the importance of insurance coverage when traveling.

One of the most important factors I advise my travel agency clients when purchasing travel insurance is to make sure pre-existing conditions are covered. Either this traveler purchased a cruise on his own and tacked on the ship's insurance without realizing it did not cover pre-existing conditions, or his agent did not give him adequate information about what he was buying. This all could have been avoided with proper counsel.

Leslie Emer



Lovett should submit the bill to his supplemental insurance carrier, assuming he has one. Last year, I needed to visit the doctor while on a cruise, and only after my supplemental carrier applied the cost to my annual deductible did the travel insurance company reimburse me.

Phyllis Rosenberg

Sherman Oaks

Natchez's past

The information about Natchez in the Civil War only scratched the surface ["Must-See Hits Home," Letters, Jan. 10]. Unlike Vicksburg, Natchez wasn't a strategic military objective. Many of those antebellum homes belonged to Northerners, many of whom spent winters there and put strong pressure on Washington to not destroy the city. It's disingenuous to say that the populace "rolled over."

There were a lot of Southerners opposed to succession and the war. When you look at history, you have to see the total picture to avoid misconceptions.

Kenn Morris

Los Angeles