RVs roll with the sharing economy

If you’ve been wondering if the sharing economy has a website for RVs, it does.


What it does: Lets you kick the tires on a motor home or travel trailer before you buy or rent an RV for a road trip. If you own an RV, you can make some extra cash by listing (free) and renting your motor home.

What’s hot: Your money goes a long way. Sure, you might spend $300 and up a night (there are plenty of options that are less expensive), but when you’re paying that kind of money, you can get a pretty big rig. Don’t miss the “Travel Ideas” section under the “Explore” tab. You’ll find travel tips if you’re interested in renting an RV to take to Burning Man, the Grand Canyon, South by Southwest and more.


What’s not: It lacks the resources for RV rookies that could help them decide among the different types of RVs. Would a rookie know the difference between a Class B and a Class A vehicle? Or which type of motor home or trailer is best for a weekend or a two-week summer road trip? If you scroll down the home page you can see samples of the different types, but I wanted more content, such as profiles of different types of RVers.