Get your festival on with


With this website, you can spend your year traveling from one festival to the next. Literally.


What it does: Tell the site which topics you’re interested in, and it gives you a page of festival options. Topics include cultural, historic, arts and crafts, faith, food and wine, books and music. Add whether you’ve been to the festival, want to save it for later or are already going, and it will make a calendar list for you. Click on your profile to see your year outlined in festivals.


What’s hot: The site includes more small-town festivals and celebrations than other sites I’ve seen. Maybe it was the giant picture or the allure of a festival I had never heard of, but I found that the site reignited interest in activities I had forgotten I liked or sparked excitement for new ones. I was surprised there was a Ramen Yokocho Festival in the L.A. area — and that I would want to go. You can search for festivals all over the world, but I found that the results were better if I mentioned a city hub in a country rather than the country itself.

What’s not: The first time I browsed the site, the search results were heavy on Texas events. I knew Everfest’s founders were from Austin, so that made sense. But I kept at it, trying different search terms and adding themes and the results widened. Don’t give up too early in the process.