Dog Land app connects you with dog lovers, pet resources the world over

Caution: Cute dogs near you.

Name: Dog Land app

Available: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Requires iOS 7.1 or later.

Cost: Free


What it does: The app links you to dog lovers as well as canine resources nearby and all over the world. Included are dog parks, pet stores and services, vets, animal shelters and rescues, the great outdoors, food and dining, cafes, shops and services, and travel and hotels.

What’s hot: I went in for the resources, but I stayed to look at cute dog photos and add my own. Unlike other apps that require you to be “friends” with someone first, I liked that I could connect, follow and message other dog owners I saw in the Newsfeed. You can also vote on whether a place is dog-friendly, get directions to a park or store you find through the app, and add your own dog tips. It’s nice to have one place where you can share doggie photos and find pet services in a friendly community. An Android version is in the works. Some of my favorite dog-loving friends don’t have iPhones. I’ll wait.

What’s not: A couple of times, it took me a few tries to get results when searching a new city. Sometimes, it would revert to the previous city I had looked at. What worked best for me was going to “Explore Places,” adding a destination search in “Everything” and then use the back arrow to click on a category such as “Dog Parks” or “Pet Stores.” It could use more dog-friendly votes in the travel and hotel section, so add your favorites.