Explore the world through’s drone photos and videos

Caution: Looking at these aerial travel photos might leave you desperate to buy a drone before your next vacation.


What it does: The website is a platform for exploring the world (or showing your travels) through drone photos and video. It allows the explorer to filter by photos or videos and then category topics such as Urban, Country, Sports, Industrial, Pro vs. Amateur and more.

What’s hot: Despite what the name suggests, it’s not just an Instagram-like home for drone and travel enthusiasts. Yes, you can look at massive amounts of photography, but I think’s community feature makes the site more inviting and down to earth, so to speak. It’s also a quick guide to top pilots, top photos and more. Don’t miss the blog where you can find interviews with pilots, tips, drone events and contests. I particularly loved the photos in the “Others” section, which displayed photos organized by how they were taken: from a balloon, parachute, glider and more.


What’s not: To those not part of the drone world, it can be a bit of a mystery. Clicking the plus sign on the photo can take you to a page with information about where and when the photo was taken, by what type of drone and camera, etc. It’s all great info, but I wanted more in-depth information about the drones and how the shot was taken. I especially wanted some information on how one can learn this type of photography. The day I visited, the forum was not working; links to tip-laden interviews elsewhere on the site, where applicable, would help.

— Jen Leo

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