Lanai Four Seasons hotels open a private lounge at Honolulu airport

Four Seasons lounge, Honolulu airport
In early February, the Four Seasons hotels on Lanai opened their own guest lounge for travelers arriving via the Honolulu International Airport.
(Gregory S. Yamamoto / Four Seasons)

The Four Seasons resorts on Lanai have opened their own lounge at Honolulu International Airport.

The move, a first in Hawaii and a rarity in airports anywhere, gives Lanai-bound Four Seasons guests a 1,000-square-foot haven during the lull between flights. (Lanai gets no direct flights from the mainland.)

The new lounge opened Feb. 7 in the airport’s Commuter Terminal. It includes food, beverages, iPad and Wi-Fi access, charging stations, luggage storage, fancy televisions, newspaper, magazines and a concierge who can help with check-in chores, restaurant reservations and other details. So far, the space is limited to Lanai Four Seasons guests, not guests from the Four Seasons properties on Maui and the Big Island.

A key factor in the setup is the sleepy, company-town nature of Lanai. There are just two major hotels on the island and Four Seasons operates both — the coast-hugging Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay and the up-country Lodge at Koele. Since 2012, the owner of both hotels — and 98% of the island — has been Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle.


Flights between Honolulu and Lanai last about 25 minutes. On Feb. 11, Island Air announced a fare sale (through Feb. 17), dropping prices as low as $59 each way for Honolulu-Lanai flights before April 17.