Six Flags Magic Mountain unveils Fright Fest 2011 lineup

Six Flags Magic Mountain unveils Fright Fest 2011 lineup
(Six Flags)

Six Flags Magic Mountain will add three new mazes, four new scare zones and two new shows for Fright Fest 2011.

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The Valencia amusement park will also offer some extreme Halloween treats, including coasters in the dark, an alienated X2 and my all-time favorite: Colossus backward.

Highlights of Fright Fest 2011:

Haunted mazes
Chupacabra (new in 2011) - The legendary creature terrorizes a Day of the Dead festival (X2 plaza)

The Aftermath (new in 2011) - Nomad warriors rule a post-apocalyptic city (Stunt Show Theatre)

Cursed (new in 2011) - Werewolves hunt for victims under a full moon (Tidal Wave queue)
Bite II - A haven of the sexy and sinister undead (Samurai Summit)

Lector’s Slaughterhouse - A celebrity butcher exacts revenge (DC Universe Backlot)

Willoughby's Haunted Mansion - A haunted house of terror and dread (Samurai Summit near the Ninja coaster)

Jokester’s Hideout 3D - Sideshow clowns run amok (former Flashback coaster location)

Warehouse 13 - An inescapable toxic warehouse (Logjammer queue)

Scare zones
Gypsy Hollow (new in 2011) - Bloodthirsty gypsies haunt the area outside the Cursed maze (near the Tidal Wave queue)

The Wasteland (new in 2011) - Barbarians stalk the area outside the Aftermath maze (near the Riddler's Revenge entrance)

Nightmares (new in 2011) - Evil twists on classic bedtime stories (near Revolution)

Hillbilly Massacre (new in 2011) - A demonic backwoods family hunts for human skin (near the Mining Town games)

City Under Siege - Comic characters escape from the insane asylum (DC Universe Backlot)

Exile Hill - The dead haunt the grounds of Willoughby Estate (Samurai Summit)

Dr. Fright's Carnevil (New in 2011) - Rock 'n Roll Halloween-style (DC Universe entrance)

Off With Your Head (new in 2011) - Pop and glam rock music show (High Sierra Stage)

High Sierra Hypnotist - Chris Maybre and Suzy Haner hypnotize audience members (Golden Bear Theater)

gRave - DJ dance party (DC Universe Backlot)

Fright Fest 2011 runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights from Oct. 7 through Oct. 30 and on Monday, Oct. 31 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.