Hawaii: Big Island’s Akaka Falls zipline gives you a post-trip chill

Above the lush vegetation of the windward side of the Big Island, a visitor zooms past a towering waterfall on a zipline.
(Skyline Eco-Adventures)

As if soaring over a waterfall wasn’t cool enough, visitors to a Big Island zipline will soon be able to chill in the water below yet another cascade.

Starting Sunday, Skyline Eco-Adventures is adding a “zip-and-dip” option at its Akaka Falls site. Besides the zipline tour – a total of seven crossings including one over a 250-foot waterfall – guests can take a refreshing plunge in the waterhole beside a 50-foot fall.

The existing zipline tour, which lasts 2 1/2 to three hours, costs $169.95. Add $70 for the swim option, which includes a picnic lunch and the use of water shoes.

Reservations can be made online or by calling (888) 864-6947.

Travelers may also want to visit nearby Akaka Falls State Park. A short path leads to the fall, which drops 442 feet into a stream-carved gorge. Park admission is $5 per vehicle.

The waterfalls are near the town of Honomu, about 11 miles north of Hilo on the often-wet windward (eastern) side of Hawaii. The Honomu area averages between 14.4 and 17.7 feet of rain each year, according to the Rainfall Atlas of Hawaii.