Las Vegas: Have a hangover? MGM ‘medspa’ promises relief


Those who overindulge on a Vegas visit can seek relief without ever leaving the Strip at a new medical clinic at MGM Grand.

REVIV bills itself as a “hydration medspa.” It is staffed by a team of doctors, nurses and paramedics whose primary purpose is to treat dehydration, whether it’s caused by overexertion in the summer heat or too much alcohol at an all-night party.

“In a bustling city like Las Vegas, people often become dehydrated without even realizing it,” Dr. Andrew Garff, REVIV co-owner and emergency room physician, said in a news release. “REVIV is a place where guests can revitalize themselves in a spa-like atmosphere.”


Even though the surroundings are more pleasant than those you might find in an emergency room (and don’t have the wait) REVIV will offer the customary treatment for dehydration: an intravenous infusion of fluid.

Clients can choose from three treatments: the HydraMax Hydration Infusion, a liter of saline and electrolytes; the MegaBoost Wellness Infusion, to which multivitamins, antioxidants and immunity support are added; and the UltraVive Recovery Infusion, which includes vitamin B12 as well as anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications.

IV treatments start at $99. If required, a second liter of fluid can be purchased for an additional $20.

For Vegas visitors who loathe needles, the clinic, which opened Aug. 3, also offers the QuickFix, an oral vitamin treatment, for $49.

Those in need of such a pick-me-up will find REVIV in the Underground, a complex of restaurants and shops reached by escalator from the MGM Grand lobby.