Golf carts? They’re so yesterday. In Hawaii, GolfBoards let you have even more fun on the links

If you golf but have never surfed or snowboarded, two of Hawaii’s golf courses offer a sort of blended experience, thanks to an assist from a pro surfer.

Golfers at the Big Island’s neighboring Mauna Kea Golf Course and Hapuna Golf Course, both on the Kohala Coast, can ditch the traditional golf cart and hop aboard a GolfBoard instead.

The single-passenger vehicles allow golfers to maneuver while standing or crouching, much as a surfboard or snowboard is maneuvered. The fleet of 24 GolfBoards can travel up to 10 mph with enough battery power to cover 18 holes.

Professional surfer Laird Hamilton helped with the design.

Your clubs, by the way, are stowed on the front.

Promoters say the GolfBoard can shorten playing time because it allows you to go directly to your ball as opposed to zigzagging from spot to spot and then waiting for those who are sharing a traditional golf cart. Of course, the new technology limits your opportunities to chat with friends/fellow golfers during the game.


GolfBoards are intended to attract younger golfers and repeat visitors to the courses, said Josh Silliman, director of golf at Mauna Kea Resort.


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