New long-term lot at LAX opens its gates, as Lot C prepares to close forever

The closure of Lot C makes Lot E the new economy parking for travelers using LAX. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)


The new long-term parking lot at LAX opened Thursday, a significant change in the landscape of the world’s fourth-busiest airport. It replaces Lot C, which will close to new customers on Monday, April 1. Those already parked there at the time will have until April 19 to remove their vehicles.

The new Lot E, will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, just as its predecessor was.

The new lot means many more long-term economy spaces. Squeezed by the demands of the airport’s $14-billion renovation, Lot C had dwindled to 800 spaces. The new lot will hold 2,000 vehicles initially and 2,700 when fully open in mid-June.


The new Lot E, at 5455 W. 111th St., near the Proud Bird Food Bazaar and Events Center, is farther from the terminal loop than was Lot C.

Depending on traffic — always the big unknown — LAX says the shuttle ride will take 15 to 30 minutes. Note that traffic can back up on Aviation Boulevard during rush hour.

The daily rate of $12 will remain the same. For more information on Lot E, visit Fly LAX lot E.

The long-term lots C and E remain the most-affordable parking option around LAX. High-end valet service at some private lots can cost $50 or more per day. Self-park service at private lots generally costs $12-$20 a day. Rates may increase or decrease according to demand.

The Airport Parking Reservations website searches multiple private lots for the best prices and provides options to make a reservation. Various parking apps also can help.