Those bad L.A. drivers? That’s not a surprise

I’m not surprised by Chris Erskine’s article that says L.A. drivers are among the worst [“It’s Official: L.A. Has Some of the Worst Drivers in the Country,” June 28].

I’m a professional driver, testing prototype vehicles for various manufacturers, and I’m out there every day, cameras, data acquisition electronics, computers and all. I’m also a fourth-generation Californian, and I see a lot of driving behavior that comes straight out of New England. (I hauled fresh produce from here to there for 20 years, and I know what the behavior looks like.)

It is difficult to remain passive in the face of such rude arrogance with a machine that can and is being used as a weapon.

There was a time when Jerry Brown’s father, Pat, was governor and a generation of high school kids got the best driver’s education in the world, a mandatory class that was required to graduate.


We were taught courtesy, situational awareness, emergency and evasive handling, stopping distance, use of signals, communication of intent, all kinds of things that still help in navigating around the country.

California driver’s licenses were carte blanche in many countries around the world because our standards were the highest.

All gone now.

Lincoln Gable Riley


Los Angeles

Tips for transit travelers

I read the “More for Your Money” article by Ed Perkins [“See the Sights by Transit,” June 25], and I have a suggestion.

I’ve been using an iPhone app called “Transit App” that works in several cities and gives a transit schedule, maps and times.

In cities that have radios on the bus, it provides the real-time location of the bus or train you are waiting for.


Other tips from traveling:

LA’s Metro TAP card eliminates the need to carry exact change and offers discounts to students and seniors. TAP cards work on most L.A. transit systems and are available by clicking on the link above.

►I ride the bus in Hawaii and its drivers are much friendlier and greet each passenger as they board. In return, passengers thank the driver as they leave, which perpetuates the aloha spirit.

►Bus drivers in Europe are more relaxed and drive more smoothly. I’ve heard several drivers apologize to passengers when he swerves to avoid an accident.


Ron Murakami


Nurture your back when back to nature

I’ve been an avid camper for years and was delighted by the June 25 focus on camping [“Let’s Go, Campers”]. The article “Gear Up Before You Venture Out There” by Kathy Pyon was helpful, but most of that won’t matter if your body aches in the morning. She included the tent and the sleeping bag but forgot the pad.

After many nights in the great outdoors and waking up with a sore back, I purchased a Laid-Back Memory Foam pad. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and excellent reviews.


It is of excellent quality and easily portable. Truly no more back pain. Now my camping experiences are better than ever.

Thanks for covering a topic dear to my heart.

Shoshana Brower

Westlake Village