More tips from Times Travel readers

Readers' tips were the centerpiece of our Feb. 17 issue. But there were so many of them we weren't able to use all of them in one issue. We'll be printing many more in the coming weeks. If you have a tip you'd like to share, please send it to, along with your name and city of residence.

Want to carry a sandwich or salad on board in your small collapsible cooler? Freeze oranges or lemons and use them as your "blue ice." Also, carry empty reusable water bottles and fill with ice and water after clearing security. You'll have cold water, and it keeps the food chilled as well before and during the flight.


Linda Hatakeyama

Redondo Beach

If your swimsuit doesn't dry, rinse it in hot water before putting it on. This will be more comfortable than trying to don a chilly, damp garment.

Eleanor Van Natta

Rancho Dominguez

Take a fix-it bag. Mine contains a mini-roll of duct tape/clear tape.

Sheila Maynes

Beverly Hills

Rent the same vacation house every year, and it becomes the family retreat without the hassle of maintenance. You'll also eliminate the stress of finding a new destination.

Standolyn Robertson

Los Feliz

Consider visiting a city a few months before it will be hosting a major sporting event, such as the Olympics, World Cup, etc. Most places undergo a makeover in preparation for the event (transportation improvements, added hotel rooms, clean streets, new landscaping, fresh coat of paint on some of the buildings, etc.), so you get those perks without the crowds and high prices that occur during the event.

Velvet Dallesandro

Culver City


Many port cities have cruise ship arrival and departure information on their websites. It's amazing how wonderful Venice's St. Mark's Square becomes once people return to their ships.

Greg and Charlotte Nelson

Mission Viejo