On Amtrak, you and 3 pals can save as much as 35% traveling together

The Southwest Chief--L.A. to Chicago and back--is one of the routes included in a new Amtrak promotion that could save a group of four as much as 35%.
(Martin Matlack )

Here’s an Amtrak sale for travel starting Saturday that rewards with you savings of as much as 70% off a ticket for traveling with a crowd, as in a group of friends, your family, you and your bridge partners or any group of four total.

Here’s how it works:

You pay full price, but if you have a second person with you that person gets 15% off.

Your group of three means you pay full freight, the second person gets 15% off and the third person gets 60% off.


Your group of four pencils out this way: You pay full fare, the second person gets 15% off, the third person gets 60% off and the fourth get 70% off.

This is subject to availability, and not all trains are included, but there is good news for West Coasters: The routes include the California Zephyr (Chicago to Emeryville, Calif, near San Francisco, or vice versa) ; the Southwest Chief (Los Angeles to Chicago or vice versa), the Coast Starlight (Los Angeles to Seattle or vice versa)

You’ll need promo vode V291; you have to stick with your traveling companions; it’s for coach and you can’t upgrade. See Amtrak’s site for other restrictions. Note that this is the busy summer travel season so tickets may be harder to come by.

Which leaves only this burning question: Which sap gets stuck paying full fare and which one gets 70% off? If it’s your family, it probably doesn’t matter, but if it’s your bridge partners, you’ll probably just want to add up all the fares and average out the savings.


If your four tickets would have cost a total of $400, with this deal you’d pay a total of $255, or about $64 a person. Everybody wins with savings generally of 35% when you divide tickets four ways.

Info: Amtrak


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