Rats roam freely at this San Francisco pop-up bar


The competitive world of late-night hospitality has come to this: Rats!!!!!

Specifically, a pop-up Rat Bar, where live rodents run free, and so does the booze, in a limited San Francisco engagement June 13-15.

Creepy? Yes. Unexpected? Pretty much, though these wharf cities always have infestation problems. You have to admit that it’s not just another hole in the wall.

The price: $49.99 per person, with children welcome (same price). It’s a cash bar, so your cover only gets you quality time with the rodents — and a floor show (more on that below). Plus, some grammable moments, no doubt, including selfies with Rat Bar’s signature cocktail — The Ama-RAT-o Sour.


Information and reservations.

Ratical Rodent Rescue, a nonprofit that specializes in small animals and abandoned pet rodents, provides the featured acts.

The reservation includes the San Francisco Dungeon’s 60-minute theatrical show about the twisted, dark side of the city’s history.

Why? Why not? Sure beats another night watching baseball in a sports bar.

Or does it?