Eons of geology meet decades of music at Red Rocks near Denver, and it’s all in this 3-minute video tour

The rock amphitheater outside of Denver is a music venue and a place to hike.

I’d seen plenty of outdoor concerts before we started our series on great American music venues earlier this year. But none of those venues packed the same punch as the Red Rocks Amphitheatre just west of Denver. This video, shot during my first visit in late May, 2018, shows why.

The rock formations go back millennia. The bench seats go back to 1941, when Depression-era workers finished carving out a space for orchestra and opera performances. The somebody thought of staging pop music shows, and pretty soon the words rock’n’roll took on a whole new dimension.

This story gives a bigger history of the amphitheatre. But this footage offers a quick look.


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