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Lego royal wedding: 'Prince William' and 'Kate Middleton' exchange vows at Legoland Windsor

Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

A Lego tribute to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, which  scales down Britain's biggest social event of the year to a miniature diorama, has been erected at Legoland Windsor.

Photos: Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Lego Royal Wedding

The 4-inch-tall royal bride and groom are joined by Lego versions of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince Harry, in addition to a guest list that includes pocket-sized doppelgangers of David and Victoria Beckham, Elton John and Paul McCartney.

The 10,000-brick tableau shows the royal couple in a romantic clinch, with wedding guests, well-wishers, schoolchildren and paparazzi made entirely of Legos  that flow out the gates of the 160,000-brick Buckingham Palace in the Miniland London area of the kiddie park. Guardsmen wearing bearskins and scarlet tunics stand at attention at the gates as a few brick Welsh Corgi dogs take in the proceedings.

The Legoland exhibit is one of many quirky tributes to the royal nuptials, set for April 29.

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