Web Buzz:

Raise a glass and toast the simplicity of this site, which uses travel photos as the gateway to choosing your next destination.


What it does: Creates tailor-made trips and adventures for such things as a 10-night trip cycling the Himalayas or a private wine and truffle tasting at a fine restaurant in Milan.

What’s hot: Being inspired by travel photos is inviting because it’s light and low stress. However, go to the “Browse by Need” section and you’ll have even more fun spinning the wheel of suggestion. Enter the month you’d like to travel and select the reason for your trip — a retreat, a honeymoon — and see where Black Tomato takes you. Traveling at the last minute? Hit the panic button and a specialist will assist you.


What’s not: The trips are so customized that not all have a full itinerary or cost. Many offer suggestions that ask you to call for more details. Annoying, but the travel ideas they do highlight will make for a brag-worthy experience.

— Jen Leo